What you can do

Getting Involved

The great thing about all we do is that everybody can join in, if occasionally or as committed as you like.

Conservation Activities

Practical conservation work is undertaken regularly (no set times at weather dependant) at our Cambus Pools Reserve in the Forth Estuary and with Stirling and Clackmannanshire Councils. Contact us to be on our mailing list.

Our Site Management Days page will give you details of forthcoming events.

Recording of Wildlife

Many of us assist with the recording of wildlife, especially endangered species. This may involve informing relevant conservation bodies of where and when we have spotted certain species of butterfly, bird, bumble bee, squirrel, etc. This can be in our own gardens, local parks, etc and anyone with a little basic knowledge can become involved. If you require further information or have records you would like to pass on to the relevant organisation please see our Recording Wildlife page. If you cannot find a relevant organisation please send your records to us via our Contact Us page.

Courses and Training

Practical conservation work needs informed volunteers and professionals to get the best benefit for nature out of all our activities. Blind activism is not the way to go. To that end we would encourage everybody to take part in courses and training on varied topics like plant ID, wildlife site management, tool handling, wildlife and habitat surveying, fund raising and IT. There are many bodies offering fee-based or free training.

To find courses and training dates and links to organisations offering training or further information, please have a look on our Courses and Meetings page.

Local Group Assistance

There are lots of opportunities to assist in the work of our Local Group. For instance:

  • Monitoring Planning Applications

  • Arranging Walks and Talks

  • Committee Work

  • Maintenance of our Web Site

  • Contributions to our Newsletter

  • Local Biodiversity Plans

Find out more by using our Contact Us page