Monitoring Wildlife

Having the information to know the state of local wildlife populations and the habitats they support is essential if they are to be conserved effectively.

We monitor about 30 (mainly) wild flower sites each year, carrying out counts of the rarer species. If interested, we can give you some basic training in the field. In addition, we are currently creating a team to survey wild mammals.

Some of the recent projects we support are:

  • Carrying out annual counts of rare wild orchid populations

  • Surveying the spread of alien species like Giant Hogweed and Japanese Knotweed

  • Surveying butterflies

  • Monitoring Sticky Catchfly - a rare plant on the Hillfoots’ cliffs

  • Monitoring Schleicher’s Thread Moss on the Touch Hills - the only site left in the UK

  • Surveying moths

If you want to help us, please do get in touch.

Monitoring large heath butterflies

Monitoring rare orchids

Monitoring moths at Plean Country Park

Monitoring sticky catchfly