Local SWT Reserves

Cambus Pools Reserve

is located here: Coordinates: 56.1217308,-3.8573991 or Plus Code: 44CV+MW Alloa

To reach the reserve park in Cambus village. Cross the river Devon on the bridge upstream of the weir. Immediately over the bridge follow the track downstrean on the NW bank. This stretch of the Devon is good for water fowl (Teal, Goosanders, Mallard, Shelduck, Golden Eye, Heron, Swans etc.) The bridge is good for seeing bats by torchlight on summers evenings. The reserve is at the junction of the Devon and the Forth. Water Rail can often be seen on the mud round the west pond. The track is part of a circular walk (link to John's description) easily negotiable on mobility scooters, with pushchairs or on bikes of all sizes.

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Cambus Pools, Part 1 History of the Reserve

by Roy Sexton 2021

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Cambus Pools, Part 2 Wildlife

by Roy Sexton 2021